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RPA in the software quality process

A few decades ago, when talking about robots, automation and artificial intelligence, it seemed that it was only in the context of science fiction and entertainment such as movies, books and comics.

Should your company implement data analysis for decision making?

When we talk about data analysis we are referring to a group of techniques and practices that help us extracting valuable information from a large amount of data, generally, this concept encompasses multiple stages and areas.

Data management: the value of data for a company

The key to economic growth is to create high-value companies. To achieve a competitive organization, it is necessary to identify the needs of the client and provide our products and services with added value.

Anniversary - 9 years of Linexperts

At Linexperts we are celebrating an anniversary and we celebrate it with you. Since its foundation in 2012, we have gained nine years of experience in the market with excellent managers and collaborators.

Invented Robot capable of identifying infected COVID-19

An Egyptian scientist created a robot that is capable of examining and identifying patients with covid-19.....

Women who have known how to face great challenges

The Semana magazine in its special 100 companies has published an article by our company LINEXPERTS where it tells the story of its evolution and.....

The next 10 years will decide the future of humanity

Writer, lecturer, and tech futurist Gerd Leonhard talks about the relationship between technology and humans, the challenges for humanity, and the importance of making the right decisions in the next 10 years.

Keys to improving safety during remote work

We share the following article which talks about the Keys to improve security during remote work by tecnosfera on the portal.

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