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What is outsourcing and in which cases is it used?

A company will always require people or allies to carry out its different activities. In this sense, the figure of outsourcing arises, which is a kind of service provider that contributes to the achievement of business objectives.

What are the advantages of personnel management?

Personnel administration is one of the best actions to improve the management of human talent, seeking a correct balance between the company and the employees. In this article, you will learn about the advantages.

Digital transformation models

New trends have led thousands of companies to become interested in the virtual environment in order to survive. This has led to the emergence of digital transformation models, or rather, digital evolution models.

Fundamentals of Software Quality Control

The Fundamentals of Software Quality Control presents models and standards defined for the quality assurance of a computer system, either in its processes and/or together with the management and dimension of the system itself.

Key stages in project consulting

Project consulting has become popular in recent years, mostly thanks to the versatility of this service, and the high quality it can provide to each of the projects in which it is applied. However, providing a consultancy...

Doxing: Your data may be at risk

Today we want to talk to you about Doxing, a cyber fraud method that has become more recurrent every day, which means money loss, as well as loss or theft of information.

Welcome Party: Linexperts 2022 Reunion

Last April, at Linexperts we celebrated our Welcome Party to the year 2022. This was a space in which we celebrated not only a reunion and a return to face-to-face, after almost two years of virtuality due to the pandemic.

The best employees of the first quarter of the year 2022

Linexperts is delighted to share with our community the best employees of the first quarter of the year 2022.

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