What are the advantages of personnel management?

What are the advantages of personnel management?


Personnel administration is one of the best actions to improve the management of human talent, seeking a correct balance between the company and the employees. In this article, you will learn about the advantages of personnel management.

If you don't already know, personnel management refers to the analysis and management of the interrelationships between a company and its workforce. The area of human talent creates awareness about the activities that frame labor rights, including the employees' perspective towards the company.

Good human talent management improves productivity and, above all, efficiency. Companies need to have an in-depth understanding of the following elements:

  • Employee rights according to the Substantive Labor
  • Social security
  • Vacations
  • Transportation subsidy, if

For example, when hiring an employee, the type of contract must be specified, together with the employee's rights, such as social benefits.

Now, what are the advantages of personnel management? Let's look at them below.

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Advantages of personnel administration

Every organization must have an effective management of its employees, even if it has a small number of people. This management must respond to common needs in order to facilitate work-related processes.

This is done through a series of activities capable of promoting a healthy environment in the company. The human talent area is the main protagonist of these actions:

  1. Creation of
  2. Listening to employees and the different problems that affect
  3. Make affiliations to the social security system at the time of
  4. Follow up on employee medical
  5. Proper handling of employees' personal
  6. Review
  7. Maintain an update on government labor

It is time to know the advantages of personnel management.

1. Increased productivity and permanence

It is no secret that, by managing personnel correctly, a productive environment is created, where everyone works towards a common goal.

same direction. The result is unprecedented success, the company profits from good performance, while employees earn excellent income. Even the salary can increase due to the company's economic growth.

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2. Recruitment of qualified talent

A company grows by hiring qualified personnel, capable of committing to the job and providing added value. For this reason, the human resources team must create strategies to find the right candidate, for example, psycho-technical tests, knowledge tests, among others.

It is also obliged to find the right channel to recruit human talent: job portals, social networks, advertisements? The company must choose the right path.

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3. Improved labor relations

If the human talent area takes care of the emotional stability of its employees, then it will have happy workers. Yes, a person works efficiently if he/she is comfortable in his/her job. For this, it is essential to manage activities to improve the work environment, as well as to listen to the problems that arise.

For example, an employee is not going to feel fulfilled by working 12 hours for a full month.

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If these drawbacks exist, personnel management takes care of them. This is how balance is maintained in a company.

To carry out a bold human talent management, it is essential to have the right technology. That is why at Linexperts we support companies in the assignment and management of qualified personnel.

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