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Taking on new challenges for Linexperts' innovation and vision of the future

In Linexperts we are proud of the growth and development that we have been consistently presenting over time and that set us up today as a technology company with great projection to the future.

How is the software development process managed?

The software development process has important differences with the manufacturing process of other products or services that can be industrialized. For instance, the phases in which the project is structured.

What is a professional service?

The technology industry, due to the massification of internet, mobile devices and in general to the multiple information technologies (I.T.), has had an exponential growth in the last 20 years, and everything indicates that this trend will continue.

What is the difference between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics?

Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, find out what aspects each of these topics covers and what elements make them stand out from each other. Something not minor if you are considering implementing them within your company.

Linexperts Promotion and Advancement Announcement

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Oscar Ignacio Gómez Silva as Operations Manager, who from now on leads the operational continuity in the different clients, with the support of multidisciplinary professionals.

Big data: The importance of big data in the company

Today, regarding the fundamental role that data has played in our daily lives, large information banks have been built, in which we can find and consult data and information from multiple sources.

Challenges in the implementation process from an agile development factory

Managing and coordinating transversal and comprehensive teams is a complicated task, even more if we consider the agile methodologies which we must use to work today, especially in the world of software development.

Aspects to consider when implementing an agile test factory

One of the most common mistakes when starting out in the world of software development is to treat our product, whether it is a program or application, as a traditional product. Specifically, evaluating its quality in the same way.

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