Invented Robot capable of identifying infected COVID-19

They invent a robot capable of examining and identifying those infected with coronavirus: this is how it works


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An Egyptian scientist created a robot that is capable of examining and identifying patients with covid-19. This is Cira-03, which takes patients' temperatures and also reminds them to wear face masks while they are in a private hospital in north Cairo.

He informs us in this recent article on November 27, 2020 on the portal, and they confirm that the number of deaths in the world from coronavirus reaches 1,440,971 and 61,481,616 infected so far.

Mahmoud el-Kemy, the researcher who invented the robot, said that this android could help prevent further transmission of the coronavirus and limit exposure to the infection, taking into account that Egypt suffers, like other countries, the second wave of coronavirus.

The invention of this scientist has robotic arms, a head similar to a human, including the face and can carry out X-rays, echocardiograms, as well as show the results to patients through his chest screen.

Its creator has also said that the Cira-03 can also perform blood tests on people.

“I tried to make the robot look more human so that the patient does not fear it. So you don't feel as if a box was approaching you (...) There has been a positive response from patients. They saw the robot and were not afraid,"said the researcher in an interview with The New York Post.

According to Mahmoud el-Kemy, the robot can be trusted more considering that it is more efficient and accurate compared to humans. The Cira-03 works by lifting the chin of patients and extending their arms with a swab in their mouths to check if they are infected with covid-19.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that robots are helping Singapore to fight the coronavirus. According to Robotics and Automation News, this country implemented them in a new automated laboratory system called Rapid Automated Volume Enhancer or RAVE.


Will the arrival of the coronavirus bring robots to replace human labor?

Without a doubt, the arrival of the coronavirus has asked many sectors how they can continue to advance their production processes.

Analysts around the world believe that, like it or not, robots will replace many humans in their jobs and that the pandemic the world is going through will accelerate that process.

"People generally say they want a human element for their interactions, but COVID-19 has changed that." COVID-19 is going to change consumer preferences, and it will really open up new opportunities for automation. He told BBC News, Martin Ford, a futurist who has written about the ways robots will be integrated into the economy in the coming decades.

By the way, health experts have warned that, taking into account the coronavirus emergency, where social distancing continues to be necessary, robots may be in greater demand.

"Customers are now more concerned with their safety and the safety and health of workers... Movements toward automation can keep everyone healthier and customers will reward companies that do this,"said Blake Morgan, author of The Customer of the Future.

Finally, futurist Martin Ford said that the use of robots after COVID-19 would also bring marketing advantages. "People will prefer to go to a place that has fewer workers and more machines because they feel they can reduce the overall risk," he explained according to BBC News.


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