Management solutions: how ERP and CRM evolve

Management solutions: how ERP and CRM evolve


In this article written by Manuel Navarro for byte magazine, he talks about the different business management solutions. The importance of CRM and ERP during the crisis caused by the pandemic. We invite you to continue reading this excellent information.


We are almost talking about the prehistory of technology. ERP and a little later were one of the first business tools that began to be adopted by companies of all sectors and of all sizes. And it is that they became fundamental to improve productivity and efficiency. And so they continue to this day. With their evolution over the years, they have continued to be two essential elements in any organization. And with the crisis caused by the pandemic, they have become even more essential. As stated by Isabel Pomar, CEO of Datisa, “the coronavirus has maximized this need for profitability and cost savings, for which it is necessary to have timely information for example, knowing the data on those items/ services that are more profitable, those that leave more or less profit or being able to make an optimal estimate on purchases, for which it is necessary to know what is sold more or less, where and with what regularly to always have the right stock, neither more nor less. Or which clients are more beneficial also in economic terms but also in terms of reputation. Having the right information and technology to support key business decisions is important now more than ever. In other words, solutions that, as I said before, give greater speed and security to operations. But, perhaps, which stands out the most after Covid-19 is the importance of having applications that work in the cloud and that allow remote operation”.

It is true that the coronavirus has brought a positive section that is none other than the accelerated digitization of organizations and not only in the field of management tools such as ERPs or CRMs. In this case, although many companies were already working with solutions of this type, the reality is that they were not configured to work in the new reality. So they have also had to adapt them. Of solutions have become one of the pillars on which to support this digital transformation. Since last March, it has been clearly seen how the companies that already had digitization processes underway have overcome the crisis caused by the confinement much better. And ERP and CRM are one of the key elements because, as Victor Artola, SAP's pre sales manager Finance, Risk & Digital Supply Chain affirms, “even though everyone talks about digital transformation, which really allows a business to evolve in that sense. Direction is the transformation of processes and that can only be achieved with ERP and CRM solutions. Many companies have realized that they needed solutions that allow them to establish greater control of their finances to reduce costs and improve working capital management; or your supply chain to combat stock outs; They need to improve the contact points with their customers and the information they obtain from them to improve their experience as customers or to set up an online store that allows them to deal with the reduction in capacity or the closure of physical spaces. As relevant data regarding this last aspect, in the second quarter of 2020, 49 million orders were managed through the SAP Commerce platform, 58% more than in the first quarter and 53% more than in the same quarter of 2019 ”.

Process transformation is only achieved with ERP and CRM solutions.

The truth is that as the traditional saying would say "by force, hang" and in this case, caused by the coronavirus, companies have realized the importance of having the appropriate tools to be able to face the situation and continue to be productive. In the opinion of Justino Martínez, CEO of Zucchetti, “the Covid-19 crisis has allowed many companies to become aware of a need that was already evident for several years. Digitization is essential for companies to remain competitive. Consumer habits have changed, today we have more data than ever, teleworking continues to grow, sales channels have multiplied, and we must adapt to manage this new reality.

Also from Marino iSolutions they consider that “Covid-19 has not only caused a health crisis but has also brought with it a strong social and economic crisis, where the most affected have been small and medium-sized companies. For this reason, companies, regardless of their size or activity, must base their capacity on the efficiency to control and execute each process or sub-process that intervenes in their daily management. Now more than ever and in the face of Covid-19, the IT infrastructure is in charge of providing the necessary resources to facilitate internal organization and enhance the strategic acquisition of each company. In these times, technology has become a key element that provides added value to companies.

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