Women who have known how to face great challenges

Women who have known how to face great challenges


Technology is one of the sectors that remains in permanent transformation. And that is something that companies that want to be at the forefront of the market and generate greater and greater value for their business and for their customers must take into account.

This was verified last year at the beginning of the pandemic. Many companies were not prepared to assume the new normal as they lacked connectivity strategies, process automation and an excellent digital transformation that would allow them to continue with their productive development.

This situation shows the need for advice from strong business consulting firms, such as LineXperts. After more than eight years of existence, it has served more than 180 large companies, especially those belonging to the financial and insurance sector, which sought to mesh the technological part with advanced proposals.

At the beginning, in 2012, the company started with only two services - SAP consulting and software quality management - the greatest strengths of its two partners, Catalina Lombo, general manager, and Jacqueline Garzón, Operations manager. “Over time, and in accordance with market needs, we have expanded our portfolio to offer today: SAP consulting, digital transformation, project management and direction, software quality management, BI / BA solutions and big data. , professional services and software development management, which is the most recent service ”, says its general manager.

The service menu

“At LineXperts, we not only identify customer needs, but we also generate a value proposition in accordance with our portfolio. Furthermore, we are agile and timely in responding to companies that seek us to implement the services we offer, and we have innovative tools that facilitate business development ”, says Astrid Serna Mayorga, Director of Business Development.

Now, when competition is strong, many companies need sound software development management to help them move the project backlog. “We have an expert team in each of the issues to advise the client on what he really needs; In fact, today more than 120 direct employees are part of LineXperts, with whom we have not stopped being close in the midst of the pandemic. The truth is that we virtually do permanent talks with them; We send details to their homes and offer them medical support for their families ”, emphasizes the Operations manager.

“Likewise, since the beginning of the covid, our company - which is clearly national - knew how to reinvent itself to continue serving clients and offer them professional and solid advice. Although 2020 was not an easy year for anyone, LineXperts was one of the great beneficiaries in the technology sector –which moved in an amazing way–, which allowed us a growth of 114 percent; in addition to having new clients ”, adds Catalina Lombo.

And everything has been carried out with transparency and rectitude, values ​​that have always accompanied LineXperts since its inception, which have even been strengths in the midst of such complicated moments, such as in 2018, when the company almost closed its doors. However, these qualities, plus dedication and perseverance, allowed us to raise our spirits again, having God as captain, who has always been a fundamental part of the growth of the company, concludes Jacqueline Garzón.

This article is taken from the semana.com portal and you can consult the link Women who have known how to face great challenges (semana.com)


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